We have a strong Peoplesoft Consulting team comprising of professionals who are strong in all aspects of this business, excellent communication skills, years of functional experience, a thorough understanding of the software and skilled in mapping that to the business needs of the clients.

Look no further if that is what you want in the team that you want to hire. New development, Upgradation or Maintenance and Production Support. Decide what your needs are and we will deliver that for you. At a great cost saving and within time too.

The team is well equipped to streamline, standardize and transform, if need be, the way you do business with your customers, suppliers, employees and other resources.

Our Peoplesoft professionals are also thorough in their knowledge of the regulatory practices at all levels and will tune your business to that end. Highly skilled in using PeopleTools and PeopleCode, we can execute projects ranging from making minor modifications to existing technology, designing and building complex functionality from scratch, assisting with Maintenance and Production Support, and we put a premium on productivity, control and transparency over system performance. Change Management needs will be identified and able assistance will be provided in tackling that.

Peoplesoft Financials and Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS) are the two areas of Peoplsoft with which we are highly experienced. Implementing these modules and integrating those with your system while maintaining overall integrity calls for both experience and skill, and we have professionals who have that in abundance- from years of experience doing just that.